Bank on Box Digital Banking Platform

  • Bank on Box Digital Banking Platform
    15 Banks in Europe and Africa
  • Extensive out-of-the-box features
    for Individual and Business customers
  • Agile deployment, customization
    and integration
  • Strong commitment with product maintenance and innovation

Top 5 features

  1. Mobile First by design
  2. Extended personalization
  3. Digital onboarding with Biometric Id and digital signature
  4. Extended Integration
  5. Investments Features

A plug-in solution with an immediate impact on your relationship with your customers.

The agility of your channel solutions impacts your relationship with your customers and your organisation’s own agility.

Bank on Box 4.0: Easy to use, fast to implement.

This is what customers demand from their banks: availability, speed and easiness. Of access and use.

And this is our promise to you: your digital channels behaving accordingly to what your customers expect from you.

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