Core Systems Cloudification

From Core Systems to the Cloud

How it works

Leveraging Link Consulting’s experience with Cloud Architectures, we developed a series of Architectural Principles, Blueprints and Roadmap Strategies, allowing an organization to migrate their core systems to the cloud with maximum benefits. We also developed tools and automation that enable a faster and virtually risk-free cloud adoption.

Core Systems typically mean big infrastructure hardware, which adding to the fact of being expensive to buy and maintain, typically require a great amount of preparation and aggressive SLA’s on the hardware vendor, making the interested organization paying handsomely for it. With Link Consulting’s approaches to the cloud migration problem, organizations are finding new ways for migrating their core systems to run in the cloud, maintain or improving their SLA’s and performance, but benefiting from a much lower price tag. Our migration processes and tools ensure a low-risk migration to the cloud, with the continued monitoring of our teams on the performance of the migrated systems, and by taking advantage of the ever-new features that cloud vendors keep introducing.

We can also address Core Systems Modernization, with proved approaches, to truly transform your core system into a cloud native system, taking full advantage of new Cloud Architecture paradigms. Our modernization processes are based on researches from top United States and European universities, such as Berkley and Dublin Tech.

We address lift and shift projects, but we mostly recommend applications reengineering by introducing a micro services approach, allowing an easier way to explore cloud PaaS services, different technologies and scalability options.

Most of these processes are based on several tools, some COTS, some developed by Link’s own R&D.

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