Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA provides a virtual workforce to perform tasks in Business Processes which enhances operational efficiency, accuracy and compliance, operates 24x7, and enables costs savings up to 25-50%.

How it works

Our RPA Factory offer is unique, featuring a factory model which ensures top quality deliveries, for a very competitive investment.

With RPA, all repetitive tasks performed by humans are delegated to a virtual workforce of software robots. Robots will emulate human interactions with existing software programs. They have the ability to follow rule-based decisions, copy&paste, or exchange data between systems by using user interfaces instead of complex IT interfaces, saving money and time when automating business processes that span several IT systems. If needed, humans can make judgmental calls, handle exceptions and provide oversight.

RPA offers better accuracy (no human error), increased compliance and extensive audit trails, scalability (robotic work-force can scale up or down according to the workload), and round-the-clock operations, leading to reduced costs, increased productivity, faster and improved customer service.


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