ALLOGA-LOGIFARMA is one of the largest logistic distributors in the pharmaceutical industry operating in Portugal.

Delivering medicines to Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies is a critical operation which needs to take into account issues such as speed, safety, packaging, temperature, etc.

Given the large growth in the company’s business activity, Bruno Jacinto (CIO) faced the challenge of doubling the company’s infrastructure (in processing and storage) in the very short space of one month.

Linkcom was already working on the evolution of their IT infrastructure, and suggested the new infrastructure could be implemented in Cloud AZURE as a solution.

At the proposal stage, ALLOGA-LOGIFARMA was offered two different scenarios.

1) Pay As You Go (every month, the customer pays an amount based on the use of the environment created in the Cloud)

2) Reserved Instances (the customer commits with Microsoft to a prepaid loyalty period for 1 year)

ALLOGA-LOGIFARMA selected the Reserved Instances scenario (prepaid for 1 year), as it meant a significant reduction of 16% in the value of this Cloud solution.

This way, ALLOGA-LOGIFARMA’s IT Department was able to quickly address the needs imposed by the increase in business activity.
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Linkcom has a wide experience in improving IT infrastructures where, in many cases, the Cloud is used following a hybrid model. This means some applications are installed in the Cloud, in addition to the systems housed in the On-Premise infrastructure.

LINKCOM’s Cloud projects apply the following methodology: