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Data-driven approach and sustained on valuable, actionable data, we deliver game-changing capacities built with data science techniques to organizations that every day enables what matters most.

Leveraging Data, Low Code

Advanced Analytics

We understand that advanced analytics is a critical component of a successful business strategy. By utilizing predictive modeling, machine learning algorithms, business process automation, and other statistical methods, our team of experts can help your organization analyze data from a...
Low Code

Low Code Apps

How it works Low-code platforms are designed to accelerate software development and delivery, by quickly building better apps. They offer the ability to quickly design, build, customize, and deploy business apps with little to no coding These platforms have all...
Core Systems Cloudification

Core Systems Cloudification

How it works Leveraging Link Consulting’s experience with Cloud Architectures, we developed a series of Architectural Principles, Blueprints and Roadmap Strategies, allowing an organization to migrate their core systems to the cloud with maximum benefits. We also developed tools and...
Process Automation

Process Automation

How it works Structured processes enforce compliance with rules and policies in force, enable end to end monitoring with defined SLAs and suitable accountability. Ad-hoc processes offer more flexibility when the sequence of activities is not very well-defined, but it...
Digital Experience, SOA, APIs & Events

APIs & Integration

What it is Overcoming the difficulties associated with integrating various technologies is crucial for businesses looking to fully leverage their capabilities. Our company specializes in assisting with these challenges, both within the organization and in relation to external partners, suppliers,...

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

How it works Our RPA Factory offer is unique, featuring a factory model which ensures top quality deliveries, for a very competitive investment. With RPA, all repetitive tasks performed by humans are delegated to a virtual workforce of software robots....