At the end of March, we delivered the first webinar of a set of actions scheduled by Link Consulting under the slogan “Easy to Implement. Easy to Use. We have the solution!” – eUrban: Link’s solution for the Transition to Digital Urbanism. This webinar. 

This webinar was attended by more than 100 participants,  who participated actively, asking several questions, which were promptly answered by our panel of experts. 

This program aims to disseminate solutions that enhance the Digital Transition process of Organizations. The first webinar was aimed at Municipalities and focused on the dematerialization of Urbanistic processes with the presentation of the eUrban solution. 

eUrban is an integrated solution that ensures end-to-end dematerialization, from submitting online applications to granting licenses and/or permits. All tasks and all documents associated with their treatment are done electronically and without the need to use any type of paper document. 

The event demonstrated how the eUrban solution responds to three challenges that municipalities face today in the area of Digital Urbanism: 

  • First – how do the municipalities relate to an urbanism process without “paper”?
    For this eUrban provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows, from a Portal, to make requests by filling out electronic forms, which can be signed electronically and have all procedural pieces associated. When submitted through the fees module, the system automatically provides a reference for its payment.  
  • Second – optimization of the tasks to be performed by the municipality’s employees.
    In terms of execution, the solution allows them to easily consult, execute and dispatch processes at their workplace or at home (in a  telework situation), allowing effective control of the entire process by providing mechanisms to control deadlines and alarming. 
  • Third –  obtain metrics on the execution of processes that allow understanding how the organization is working and where it can be improved, ensuring a faster and better service to the citizen. 

Throughout the webinar, all these points were addressed and their practical application was demonstrated with the implementation experience in some of the largest Municipalities in the country.  

The experience gained in different projects, allowed us to typify a set of processes associated with Digital Urbanism, allowing from a common structure, these can be customized to the specific requirements of each municipality, with immediate benefits and a significant decrease in terms of time and cost of implementation. 

Here, you can learn more about the eUrban solution. 

If you didn’t have the opportunity to watch the webinar, you can access the recording here.