Problem description

Following the decision to merge the telecom companies, the business group was left with duplicate systems for the sale of services and customer relationship, for the different segments (Mobile, Landline, Broadband Internet, etc.). These multiple “duplicate” systems drain significant financial resources, demand specific teams, business rules and processes and delay the launch of new service features and new products.

Project goal / what are the benefits achieved by the Project

The company has millions of customers and multiproduct of communications (mobile, landline, corporate fiber, residential internet, etc.). The project goal was to unify the two major CRM systems, thus promoting a considerable reduction in the consumption of company resources (internal and external), and allowing the deployment of different products throughout the Brazilian territory using a single CRM system. New product releases were also included in this project .

What we have done

In this project, Link Consulting was responsible for defining, planning, executing and managing the whole scope of the new platform’s tests – around 10 thousand test cases were performed, related to the project’s solution and its integrations. Link Consulting was also responsible for all regression tests of the dependency systems that serve the full range of marketed products (TV, Mobile, Landline, Broadband internet and Fiber).

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