knowledge repository which allows to maintain catalogs and processes, information, services, systems, and technologies architectures, as well as their multiple dependencies.
With a totally configurable metamodel, Atlas maintains the information of any organizational artifact and any kind of dependency between them.

An information gatherer based on a pre-configured transformation engine which solves the most frequent situations for collecting and uploading information , offering object transformation mechanisms of import/export according to the mapping of the source metamodels and the target metamodel.

A complex dependency viewer made to generate real-time and up-to-date architectural representations which are easily navigable not only in space (between representations), but also in time (all representations have a time control allowing its content to be viewed in different time periods).

An instrument of communication between different departments inside the organization. The capability to standardize architecture views depending on the stakeholder profile, also standardize how stakeholders communicate.

An instrument for supporting decision not only when designing future solutions, but also when mitigating inherent impacts of each transformation initiative.

Atlas replaces the EAMS (Enterprise Architecture Management System) by Link Consulting.

Atlas is supports all EAMS configurations and repositories.

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