6 Reasons to challenge us!

1.Link Consulting has a dedicated chatbot developer team that has been implementing chatbots for several years.

2.We use an innovative and engaging approach to design and specify the chatbot behavior, with design thinking workshops and a clear specification standard.

3.A Cloud Architect is always allocated to optimize the PaaS and IaaS operation on a periodic basis. Some customers had savings up to 65% in relation with the initial estimates.

4.We partner with the biggest players in the chatbot and virtual assistant area.

5.Voice, AI and Augmented Reality are just some of the capabilities we added to our chatbots. We have innovation in our core.

6.We built a Chatbot Contact Center Application. Organizations can now know what their customers are talking with their chatbots, understand how the chatbots are responding, both for live, real-time conversations and historic data, and have human operators intervene on live conversations to help.


Specification and Development

The Chatbot Contact Center