Link Consulting, experts in integration and a long-standing partner of Kong, a leading API and service control platform, is helping customers accelerate their journey to Microservices and enable organizations to engage their customers in new and innovative ways, significantly reducing organizations’ initiatives Time-To-Market, reducing operational costs, as well as increase resilience and scalability of their systems. Looks like magic, but it’s just good engineering!

As COVID-19 so bluntly proved it, organizations need to increase customer reach through digital channels, as this is one of the drivers for increased operational efficiency.


3 strategic priorities remain, despite the uncertainty of this time:

Maintain Customer Loyalty
with a significant decrease in revenue, organizations need to engage with their customers in innovative ways, which typically involve long term IT projects, and that can now be tackled much quicker with a proper API and service strategy.

Cost Reductions by Automation
both in terms of process automation towards customers and partners, but also automation in IT project development.

Improving Security
As more and more concerns arise regarding attacks, with some studies showing an increase in recent hacker activity.

Check these two examples: WHO / ARX Security

Link Consulting and Kong have teamed up to help organizations quickly move to a more decentralized and optimized architecture.

We developed an API fast-track special program that will get organizations and their teams up to speed in APIs, including Kong EE set up and running in K8s environment (local or cloud), API setup and development, Service Strategy Consultancy and specialized training in under 6 weeks.

If you want to know more, contact us for a 30-minute call and will explain all the details.

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